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Experienced family and criminal Toronto lawyer. Divorce. Separation Agreements. Prenuptial Agreements. Division of Assets. Support. Custody. Legal Aid. Child Protection. CAS cases. Children's Aid

For over 30 years Andreas Solomos, a Toronto Lawyer, has helped thousands of clients faced with Family and Criminal problems. He appeared before Courts and Tribunals. Andreas is dedicated to providing the best legal representation to safeguard the rights of his clients.

This lawyer provides an informal, non-threatening atmosphere where you can be assured that your legal issues and problems will be dealt with in a completely confidential and respectful setting. For example, it is the objective of Andreas Solomos to help minimize the emotional and financial trauma that many people experience when faced with family and criminal law issues. He works hard to represent you; to defend you; to provide the information plus the guidance you will need to make the best possible decisions for you or your loved ones.

Andreas Fights for your Legal Rights!

Andreas Solomos, Barrister & Solicitor, brings a tenacious and strategic approach in dealing with your legal situations-criminal-family-child welfare-litigation-disability, etc.-with the goal of achieving positive solutions that work for you, the client.
If you are involved in a family legal dispute, face criminal charges or entangled in a lawsuit call Mr. Solomos for a private consultation.

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